2021 pricing and packages

  1. 45 minutes private lesson $50 
  2. 60 minutes private lesson $75
  3. 60 minutes semi-private lesson $95
  4. 3 holes playing lesson $100
  5. 9 holes playing lesson $175
  6. 18 holes playing lesson $350
  7. Get Ready Golf/Golf for women $150 (3 people per class)*
  8. Golf 5/90 $300 each month (3 people per class)*
  9. 3-45 minutes lesson $125
  10. 3-60 minutes lessons $225

     Golf Fore Women Having fun, seeing success and having support is the best way to learn the game of golf. That’s why we created Women In Golf – an opportunity for women to learn the game alongside other women.

Get Ready Golf is a coed clinic design do give you a fun entry into golf along with other complete beginners and hopefully new golfing buddies!

GOLF FORE WOMEN  and Get Ready Golf

 Never played golf before, or have just a little experience? Want to learn a game that will last for a lifetime? Then this program is perfect for you. We start at the beginning with putting and chipping. Then we progress to the full swing starting with the basics of grip, stance and posture. In week six we take it to the course for a few holes. This program will lay the foundation for your golf game. 

     Golf 5/90 is a program that is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to build yourself in to a golfer that shoots in the 90's.  We will start from the foundation of the swing and advance to short game in the first month.  Month two and three are focused more on full swings while continuing to improve the short game.  Month four and five has on course work and playing included.  This will be a combination of group and private instruction.  groups size is capped at 3 people and is an hour and a half in length.  The private lessons are forty-five minutes long.  This is a program where you will meet twice a week, once in a group setting and once in a private lesson.  While this is designed for a 5 month commitment the program will be sold month to month because we understand not everyone can commit to that much so you have the flexibility to advance as far as you can.