"Yes, this is my first review on yelp, but Gil Davis Golf is the first business I feel absolutely compelled to review, good or bad.  I feel Gil and the Marquette Park golf facility are such hidden treasures that I almost don't feel like exposing them.  However, Gil helped me so much in my first lesson I feel he can help others, who like me, were ready to give up on the game.       

I don't want to set lofty, unattainable expectations for Gil, but I honestly feel like the one lesson he gave me yesterday helped me out tremendously.  I got a Groupon for private lessons with him and I had never taken lessons before.  I did get a video swing analysis a la Golftec a couple months back, but that was just an opportunity for the "pro" to sell me a package more than anything else, which I understand is the point, but that's one reason I was so happy with Gil.  He never tried to pressure me into buying a package; heck he never even brought it up - I had to ask about it as he was carting me to my car!  Our sole focus was the lesson, which I really appreciated.  

As for the lesson itself, we took simple baby steps toward improving my swing.  We went through drills that helped me conceptualize a better swing in my head.  My problem was that I didn't know what a proper swing looked or even felt like.  You can watch all the golf you want on TV or on youtube, but the angles just never allow you to really know what a golf swing should look like from your position/perspective.  Thus, when Gil showed me what a proper golf swing should feel like, I knew that I could build off of that.  Before I left he gave me drills that I could practice at home and weight training exercises I could use at the gym.  All this in one lesson.    

A few words of advice.  First, try to arrive with an understanding as to what's troubling your game.  For me, I knew it was my iron play.  I didn't know if it was my grip, my back swing, my follow through, etc. but I knew that was the biggest problem with my game.  I informed him of that on the questionnaire and that's exactly what we worked on.  Within a few strokes I was already hitting the ball more solidly.  Second, arrive with questions.  I didn't show up saying, "OK, Gil, fix my game."  I know that improving my game is a two-way street.  GIl's not omniscient, so he can't give you advice on a subject he doesn't know you need advice on.  But when I threw a question at him, he gave a simple answer that I could understand.      

Finally, a true story: one question Gil asks you when you first start is what you're typically shooting.  I answered honestly, high 90s low 100s (98-102).  By the end of the lesson, I told him I really felt like I shaved 5 strokes of my game.  After he departed, I stuck around and played 9 holes at Marquette Park (the lessons were across the street at the driving range) and shot a 47.  Double that for 18 holes and that's 94.  Sure, if there was a back nine I could have shot higher, but honestly, the way I was playing, I feel like I could have shot a 43.  

Gil is a genuine guy who I think really cares about your improvement as a golfer.  Sure he's got a business to run, but I got a sense that he just loved being outside and helping a guy improve his game.  Gotta love that.  I'll definitely be seeing him in the future to help me get more distance."  Ryan N.

"I Have played golf for over 20 years and have never really improved over the years.  I decided that this year was the time to really get serious about golf.  I started taking lessons from Gil in April.  Gil has helped me with all aspects of my swing, putting, and scoring this year.  He is very well versed in sport psychology, the short game, putting, course management, and many other aspects of the game.  He has made an enormous impact on my development as a golfer this year.  I could not be happier with my experience and with the results.  He has made me become a student of the game.  Gil is a believer, our goals are for me to break 90 then 80, because of his coaching and teaching, I now am a believer.   Gil is the golf guru...."  Al Brown Chicago Il.   

"Gil is a very unique and personable golf coach.  Within 1 year I achieved unbelievable results in my golf game!  I began using his coaching March 2010 with a handicap of 23 and by the end of September 2010 my handicap went down to 9.9!!!  I highly recommend Gil Davis as unbelievable golf coach to anyone who is looking for great results in this amazing game!!"  Igor Presman, Chicago, IL.

"I could not recommend Gil Davis Golf more highly! I have been working with Gil for two years now. He has helped me take 9 strokes off my handicap (from a 21 to a 12) by focusing on the fundamentals, not some new-age swing method someone invented just to be different. Making the decision to work with him consistently was the best thing I've ever done for my game. Rather than just getting some quick fix for that day's problem, he is helping me build proper understanding of my swing, and the game, that I can build on.

Gil is a great teacher in that he keeps things simple, communicates very clearly, and can explain concepts in many different ways. He's also a great coach in that he really understands what you're going through as you progress, and always knows just what to say.

His location at Marquette Park offers a lot of value because you hit off grass, not mats, they have a real short game practice area for chipping and putting lessons, and a 9-hole course. The opportunities I have had to take playing lessons from him have really helped me with course management and shot selection. And watching him bomb drives 300 yards and drain sick putts is a lot of fun.

Love the game and tired of being good one day and bad the next? Give Gil a call."   David Levy, Chicago,IL.

 "Gil and I started working together in 2009.  At the time my game was in the high 90's to 100's.  Gil help me see some of my mechanical problems.  But Gil's biggest help to me was in playing lessons. He helped me get 'golf smart' and taught me basic golf strategy.  My standard 'go for broke' strategy on every shot was not working.  Bottom line, by 2010 I was consistently shooting in the low 80's.  I gained enough confidence to start playing in some golf tournaments.  Yes , here is the photo to prove it.  I won my first ever golf tournament in the Windy City Golf League Open Championship- B flight.  That is me in the middle, with the trophy, dressed like Tiger Woods and with one of the biggest smiles of my life!"

Kevin Tobin, Chicago, Il.


 Max Scodro our 2012 Illinois open Champion has just advanced to stage 2 of Q-School, Best of luck!

 Ruth Sotak EBC Women's Club Champion!

Igor Presman shooting even par at The Glen Club and acheiving a 2.1 handicap after 4 years of playing golf!