New and exciting things for 2024 season
First the season will start April 15 and end September 15 2024

2024 will bring for a new name and rebranding as a part of hopefully expanding in the following years as training of Chicago Climb Up successfully grows and possibly recruiting new up and coming Professionals.  Our new name will be SouthSide Golf Academy.

Supervised Practice will be a new clinic to help aid improvements by making sure you are practicing correctly.  Buy your practice balls as normal and for a $10 fee you can participate.  During this clinic the instructor walks the tee line and offers tips and corrections to your practice.  Supervised Practice will be held Friday at 6 pm, Saturday at 3 pm, Sunday at Noon, and Monday at 6 pm.

CoachNow is being reworked and edited and when we relaunch it the basic setup fundamentals and swing foundation will continue to be free.  The other videos will be apart of the premium version and will be $65 a year.

Beginner’s League will be 12 weeks starting in June so more opportunity to get comfortable with playing on the course.

Beginner’s and Player’s Clubs are membership that have huge benefits to help you improve your game at a discount.  Each include Supervised practice, CoachNow Premium, and  a 20% discounts on extra lessons, equipment purchases or repairs.  Beginner's Club includes the Beginner’s league.  Player's Club includes playing lesson or lessons.  The three levels have different amounts or private lessons.  Also the Beginner’s Club is 45 minutes lessons and Player’s Club is hour long lessons.
Basic is 6 lessons
Premium is 12 lessons
Platinum is 24 lessons