Beginner"s School

A new type of membership design for learning all aspects of the golf game as in Get Golf Ready, but its done one on one at your own pace and schedule..

Level 1

Level 1 we work on the foundation of the swing by 

building setup fundamentals and building the swing up through short game.   

Next we will introduce hitting the short game shots on the course as we learn the game from the green out to the tee.  Goal is to be playing golf from the 100 yard marker into the hole by the end

  in 5 strokes or less at the end of lesson 5.

Level 2

Level 2 we are going to focus on mid irons and hybrids.  Starting out by hitting shorter shots with 

them with the goal of being accurate first.  Each week we want to keep going further back until we find 

the club or clubs that go 125 yards or more in distance.  At the end of the 6 lessons we will go the course 

and play in from the 150 yard marker and build up the game so we can finish in 5 strokes or less.

Level 3

Level 3 we introduce the woods back into the game with the hope that the work on the swing 

building shorter distance helps the longer clubs as well.  We again will focus on accuracy first and gradually 

try to get more and more distance.  Its at this time we will look at if there are any fitting issue with the equipment we are using that might be affecting anything in the game.  After these 6 lessons we want you to be comfortable playing golf from the forward tees and aspiring to play golf on your own with friends or coworkers.  

What is included 

Each private lesson is 1 hour long 

You will get a get ready golf card after lesson 2 which will get you discounts at our facilities

You will have use of clubs during lessons

Range balls and course fees during lessons

Also free club fitting and buying recommendations

Level 1 is $150 

Level 2 is $225

Level 3 is $275

sign up for all 3 for $600