Chicago Climb Up

Teaching marginalized young adults job skills to climb up and into the workforce.  We are teaching skill that are applicable to working right away with the goal of gaining enough well rounded skills to work across various fields.  


Starting Spring of 2024 we will be teaching 5 candidates every aspect of golf from rules, etiquette, club repair, how to swing, playing process, and how to teach the swing. Also during this time we will work on securing a permanent location that will be build out to continue training through the winter.   Each trainee will build their own set of clubs.  Get US Kids coach certification.  As well as First aid, CPR, and AED certifications.  Our goal is to offer junior golf camps at Douglas and Marquette parks the summer of 2024. Spring/summer 2024 add 10-20 more candidates to start our program.  


Fall 2024 we will create a junior golf league focused on the south side of Chicago to help bridge the playing opportunities gap for young teens looking for a chance to play and gain experience to hopefully join their high school team.  During the fall the original 5 will learn food and beverage, Proshop management, and merchandising.  At this time we hope to have an agreement with whichever company wins the management contract from the city so we can have our training match their systems.  Our trainees will be very knowledgeable in every aspect of the business of golf once they finish our program and should be prime candidates for positions at any course