Welcome to my Cryptocurrency learning page

My goal is to educate you on what cryptocurrency are, what they do, how to use them, and why you should care.  This will not be financial advice but a path to learn how to create wealth with tools and resources I will present to you.  On December 15, 2020 the base of information will fill this page.  There are links to create different accounts or to invest in certain coins at times posted, some of which may benefit you and me through signup and referral bonuses.  The referral bonuses I receive is all the revenue I will get unless you sign up for my newsletter that I will be creating which I will share my research, my trades, and coach through it all. On December 15, 2020 my newsletter will launch.



Crypto.com is an app where you can buy, sell, store, and use cryptocurrency.  It has a debit card that allows you to convert your coins to cash to use on your visa debit card.

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Celsius Wallet

Wallet where you can earn passive income while securing your coins. You earn by staking (holding coins) which get loaned out and earn interest. Current rates range from 2.53% to 16.16% apr.

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Binance is an exchange where you can buy and sell various cryptocurrency.  As you start to trade more coins you will find that every exchanges has the top 5 coins but to get more variety of coins you will have to use more exchanges.


Token Metrics 

Token Metrics is a research software that uses AI you breakdown the viability of cryptocurrency.  It has a very good track record while still being under refinement and generates positive picks each month.

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