Welcome to the Rewards program
Earn Double points now until 11/18/19
Earn points by taking lessons or buying equipment.  Each dollar spent on equipment  equals a point.  Lessons have their own individual points assigned to them regardless of purchase price.  Unused points expire after 24 months.
  Points for lessons are as follows.
  • Half hour private 50 points
  • Forty-five minutes private 75 points
  • Hour private 100 points
  • Semi-private hour 125 points
  • Three hole playing lesson 100 points
  • Nine hole playing lesson 150 points
  • Eighteen hole playing lesson 250 points
  • Clinics per class attended 25 points
  • League class attended 25 points
Points are redeemable for items on this list
  • 350 points = Forty-five minutes private lesson
  • 500 points= Hour private, Three hole playing lesson, or take $75 off the price* of a club work-repair, regrip, &/or adjustment
  • 750 points= Nine hole playing lesson or take $150 off the price* of a set of clubs
  • 1000 points=Eighteen hole playing lesson or take $250 off the price* of set of clubs or club work-repair, regrip, &/or adjustment

*Value of discount cannot exceed the cost of item.