Welcome to the Rewards program
Earn Double points now until 5/1/24
Earn points by taking lessons or buying equipment.  Each dollar spent on equipment  equals a point.  Lessons have their own individual points assigned to them regardless of purchase price.  Unused points expire after 24 months.
  Points for lessons are as follows.
  • Half hour private 25 points
  • Forty-five minutes private 50 points
  • Hour private 75 points
  • Semi-private hour 100 points
  • Three hole playing lesson 75 points
  • Nine hole playing lesson 125 points
  • Eighteen hole playing lesson 200 points
  • Clinics per class attended 15 points
  • League class attended 15 points
Points are redeemable for items on this list
  • 350 points = Forty-five minutes private lesson
  • 500 points= Hour private, Three hole playing lesson, or take $75 off the price* of a club work-repair, regrip, &/or adjustment
  • 750 points= Nine hole playing lesson or take $150 off the price* of a set of clubs or lesson package
  • 1000 points=Eighteen hole playing lesson or take $250 off the price* of set of clubs or club work-repair, regrip, &/or adjustment or lesson package.

*Points cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Points have no cash value and are non-transferable. Other restrictions may apply. See store for details. Discounts cannot exceed value of item redeem for.

Are you an influencer?

Utilize your skills to earn complimentary golf lessons through referrals. Receive points for each referral purchase made.  Points rewarded will be 1 point for every $2 in sales.  Kindly complete the form below to receive your exclusive 15% discount code and start earning rewards points.

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